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Why we should Accept People for who they are

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"Why we should Accept People for who they are"
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People are who they are and for the most part, are happy with the person they have become. No one has given us the right to try to change who they are, or try to make them into someone they are not. We tend to get carried away by thinking that we are right and our way is the only way to do things. Just because our way works for us, it does not mean that we have the right to force it onto others. By not accepting people for who they are in essence saying that we are not only better, but smarter than them.

People have faults and either you can accept and live with their faults or not. If it is not family whom you have an obligation to support, then you have the choice to move on. An example is when someone asks you if they should get married; your answer should be absolutely not! You need to feel the answer in your heart and not another person's opinion. Friendship is very similar in marriage. A great friendship is life long, and you accept each other’s flaws and treasure the person for who they are. No one has the right to try to mold another person into his or her image.

Other than our family, we choose the people who we wish to be around and socialize with. It is important to accept people for whom they are and not judge them harshly because they are different than you. This does not apply to destructive behavior. If someone is in trouble, you should try to help them find their way back. It is important to remember that some people may not want help. There are times when we need to move away and let things be.

Life has a way of presenting many challenges that continue from the time that we are born to the time we die. We have all taken many different roads to get to where we are now. Everyone has had a variety of life experiences and they form us into who we are! We should accept, embrace and respect people for who they are because it is our differences that make us unique and interesting people. We all are made up of a variety of strengths and weaknesses! Acceptance is one of the most important parts of life. It is something that we must learn if we wish to find our path to inner peace and happiness.

We need to pick our battles carefully and not try to change things that we have no business changing. Accept people for who they are and not what we think they should be. We all have a place and our own way of being. If you do not enjoy the people you are around; don't waste your time playing God and trying to change them. Move on to someone who is compatible and shares the same respect for you as you do for them. Spend your time enjoying the people who are around you, instead of trying to fix things that are not broken.

Remember the "Serenity Prayer," "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." Acceptance and wisdom are the keys to finding peace and happiness! It is easy to learn how to accept people for who they are. Just look for the good in people, and you will gain the ability to see beyond their faults. Unless you have achieved perfection, you do not have the right to judge others. All the people I care about are "perfect" in my eyes!

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