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Why some Girls seem Materialistic

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"Why some Girls seem Materialistic"
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I believe the article title,"Why some girls seem materialistic" should be rephrased to "why do we live in a materialistic world",my reason is because we live in a materialistic environment and girls are not the only guilty party...We all are!But for the sake of this article i shall try to focus on the subject matter.

Why some girls seem materialistic is a very wide topic for discuss but i shall try by way of this article to give few reasons why they are.

First of all the issue of financial security.The world is generally a materialistic environment because everything is centered around money.Everyone born to this world grow up to discover this fact and girls are not an exception.Many other realities further aggravate this issue and do not help at all.Realities like the "Rat Race" of which many of us find ourselves and also the present global economic situation further buttresses this issue of is no news that the world at this time is experiencing a global financial meltdown which of course has a resultant effect on every facet of life,and in the case of girls this has crippled the quality of life they live.The effect of this economic meltdown further aggravates the issue of materialism amongst them in no small way.

We should also put into cognizance of the fact that every girl innately desires tender,love and care i.e TLC.Every girl was created to be tender and so they ought to be loved.Desiring this kind of attention amongst girls is a natural thing.This makes them seem materialistic.

Back to the issue of Financial security,every girl seeks comfort and desires that all her needs be met.She therefore is in search of a well to do companion who most times is a man who can meet her needs.This man would be one she can depend on for most of her needs especially if she agrees to date or marry him.

Career girls always seek to be the best in their chosen professions because they know with success comes comfort and wealth.This search for financial and all round security makes them seem materialistic.One should realize that wealth is not distributed evenly,therefore girls should not be blamed for their search for Security,comfort and better livelihood.

This does not mean that there are no selfish and greedy girls who are just gold diggers.Therefore,in a population of girls who are seeking genuine security,a portion of them just strategize on making materialistic gains.But girls generally seek genuine all round security and are seen as materialistic while trying to achieve this.

I would stop with this few reasons but please realise that there are other reasons why girls seem materialistic.Women are special and should be treated so.

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