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Why People have Affairs

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The number one reason people have affairs is because there is a lack of a connection with spiritual awareness in relationship. The current divorce rate is over 50% and the cheating rating is even far beyond that. There are oodles of tv shows and relationship seminars that talk about how to do relationship. Most of them are coming from a patriarchal consciousness.

I say this because our primary focus tends to be on the human form and our reference point from our personality's awareness from our 5 physical senses. We hear a lot about in the image and actions of a person yet we don't hear as much about feelings and intuition. Our image and actions need to match up with our feelings and inner senses.

When we do relationship from a perspective of having someone meet our needs we are giving our power away to them. This also includes the person we think is giving us freedom in relationship. There is so much that happens on more hidden levels of relationship that most people fail to be aware of. Anywhere we are saying this person is the reason for absolute anything in our lives we are giving our power away to them.

I watch Dr. Phil on a regular basis and I hear about the abuse in relationship quite consistently. Most of the focus is on the abuser and what he or she is doing to their partner. There is the statement frequently heard that "people only treat us the way we allow them to treat us". This is very true. Yet this is also true coming from a soul level of awareness. The problems tend to do be resolved from a personality perspective but this is not all of who we are.

It is only when we go to a soul level of awareness that we can have authentic relationship and complete healing of abusive dysfunctional patterns. There will always be an imbalance somewhere in our lives if we only operate from this 3D reality. In truth we are multidimensional and exist on many layers of consciousness that go beyond this outer perception. This is why we see so many people that appear to have the perfect relationship that they are working hard at yet one or the other develops a disease.

Many people are good at acting married yet are in denial in some area of their life even if they seem to have it all. The more hidden stuff can only be seen by those who are taking the next step in relationship and have stepped on an Ascension path. Affairs can be happening spiritually even though a couple is together physically. This is because of this split in consciousness between our physicality and spirituality.

Now some of you might say what the heck is she talking about? Well let me explain. There are those people on the planet that can project themselves into other places and view people from a distance. They can jump into someone else's feelings. Now if a person does not have this level of awareness they won't even know this is happening with them. A person can also be having a sexual relationship with someone long distance if both people have the same level of spiritual awareness. This is when "quantum entanglements" occur.

This is every bit an affair as if the person was with the person in the same physical environment. The reason this occurs is because there is a lack of connection with either one or the other person's soul essence. This may seem kind of weird to you what I am talking about. What I am speaking of here is the hidden part of why affairs happen.

Most of this is unconscious with people but I bring it up because as we move forward on our path of evolution our choices for relationship can be different so that we don't need to be split in our relationship. We can have it all. We can make our choices from an inner awareness instead of the outer packaging we see in the actions and communication we engage in with each other. This means being accountable for our physical being as well as integrating the relationship with our Soul.

To those people that think a relationship can be destroyed from the outside by another man or woman think again. Wherever there is anything that is manifesting on the outer physical reality it is already happening energetically. True freedom will come when our Soul's purpose and Divine Design is integrated physically. Then we will see sexuality and spiritually be as one. We won't have to go outside of a marriage to look for greener pastures because our purpose matches that of our partner's. A lot of the conflicts in relationship fall away because we are meeting our own needs and taking care of the relationship with our Self first. Then we are able to come together as true co creators in life evolving the nature of relationships on the planet soul to soul.

Marry your Soul and Human Self and you will find an appropriate Soulmate or the Ultimate Twin Flame relationship to have a love affair with within a physical marriage for a lifetime.

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