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Why People get Drunk on new Years Eve

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"Why People get Drunk on new Years Eve"
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Getting drunk on New Years Eve is so common and expected that programs are set up all over the country to eliminate or reduce drunk driving.  Many cities offer free taxi service and set up security stops, all in an effort to prevent accidents on the road from drunk drivers.  

Why do people get drunk on New Years Eve, more than any other time of year, even those that don’t normally drink?  Listed below are some of the top reasons. 

1.  It’s expected.  There is a tradition of heavy drinking, alcohol is normally part of the party and an activity to do.  

2.  People think that they are allowed to let loose this one night, as if nothing they do will matter.  After all, they think the year is over with, they can start new the next day. 

3.  It’s tradition.  Time after time, generation to generation, parties are thrown with a heavy emphasis on alcohol and getting drunk. 

4.  Not used to drinking.  Many people find themselves at parties expected to drink when they don’t normally.  Without the experience to know when to stop, many over do it and get drunker than they expected. 

5.  Drinking allows people to be more relaxed and do things and act in ways they may be to shy to do without the alcohol 

6.  Pressure to drink.  There is so much pressure to drink, after all, even our cities take measures to prevent drunk driving this night, with the expectation that people will get drunk.  

7.  Opportunity.  Sometimes just the opportunity to drink, especially when they aren’t required to drive, gives them the freedom to get drunk, just because they can. 

8.  Media.  The ads, shows and magazines all show parties where people are drinking.  The sales on alcohol and champagne all contribute to creating the environment that it’s expected to get drunk.    

9.  Peer pressure, even for adults.  It’s not fun to be at a party where everyone but you will be drinking and getting drunk.   

10.  It’s expected.  Yes, this is a repeat but it’s probably one of the biggest reasons.  

This night, more then any other, gives people a sense of fresh starts and new beginnings and the celebration has to be huge.  There is so much pressure to really bring in the New Year in a big way and our culture encourages drinking as a form of celebration.  More often then not, the pressure to celebrate this holiday and make it the best night of the year falls short.  With everyone trying so hard to have fun, it’s hard to achieve the expectations and getting drunk confuses many with fun. 

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