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Why it Pays to have Good Morals

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"Why it Pays to have Good Morals"
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Morals are classified as the right thing to do, or basic guidelines for living. It pays to have good morals because that's the only way you are going to be truly happy with your character. My parents always told me, a person that has no morals will fall for anything. I believe this statement to be true in society because having no morals really means you don't care. To have good morals is to have a strong background and a strong foundation that's like a criteria that you meet. People who have morals, are people that have a conscious and a heart to know what's right and wrong. How will you know where you're going, if you don't have the character background to know where you have been.

When you have good morals, your parents will give you more trust and people will respect you more. It's not about anyone else, but I believe you have to be morally strong to be able to survive in a harsh society. Having morals lets people know that you have respect for others and yourself. In society, people will try to persuade you to do things that you know aren't right, and by having morals you will often try to make a good decision and use good judgment. A person that doesn't have any morals won't care about the decisions that they make. They will be easily influenced by peers and others, to do things that aren't always good. I know even a person with morals will make mistakes. The difference is the people with morals will feel guilty about making the wrong decisions more so then a person with no morals. To me, having morals means to have good judgment and to be a good person at heart. When you have good morals people are more likely to help you when you are in need.

Eventually, good morals will keep you out of trouble. The people that have no morals are more likely to be in jail, dead or empty on the inside. Morals keep you focused and kind to others. When you have no morals, your value on life isn't exactly up to high standards. Being a good human being is what the world needs more of especially today. It's easy for anyone to be mean, cruel and uncaring, but it takes someone special to be a good person at heart. Morals help shape your value on life and the things that are important. People with morals are often more empathetic to situations, they get a feeling when they feel something isn't right. Use good judgment and have morals for yourself. This gives you the power internally to have a better life for yourself and your family.

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