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Why are some People Smug

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"Why are some People Smug"
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Everybody knows somebody like it, somebody who, for some reason, unknown to anybody else, genuinely believes that they are superior to other people. Whatever the reasons they have for feeling superior, they firmly believe that these reasons make them a better person than others.

But why do some people have so much faith in their own superiority? Why have these people believed their own hype?It depends on the individual as to why they feel they are better than others, but there could be a number of reasons.

Moral superiority

People who, to the outside world, live a clean, moral life according to the rules of their religion may feel a sense of moral superiority. They believe that they are good, God-fearing people and the rest of us are doomed sinners.

I know that not all religious people are like this, but there are some that firmly believe that they are better people than anybody else because they are religious. The town centre preacher, telling the rest of the innocent passers by that they are doomed to damnation feels that he or she is superior.


Some people (not all people) who are continuously told how beautiful they are will believe that being attractive makes you a better person. They look down on the less fortunate with disdain, not wanting to socialise with them because they are not “good looking” enough. They have to believe that it makes them superior because they have been told so often how beautiful they are, they feel that it is all they have to offer. They have not been told they are smart or kind, so being beautiful is all they know.


Some rich people believe that having money makes you a better person, they look down on poorer people, believing that they are somehow above them.They will not help the poor, they will simply avoid them.


Some people still believe that your race and the colour of your skin makes you superior to another. They believe that other races are inferior and that their race is superior. They will avoid other races, choosing not to associate with them, or in more extreme cases, they will persecute them.


People with a very high intellect can sometimes feel very superior; they firmly believe that having degrees in this and a masters in that will make you a better person. And instead of using this intelligence to help others become smarter, they simply mock them with their intelligence.


People with power have a very strong tendency to let it go to their heads, the phrase "it’s lonely at the top" may be old but it’s still true. They believe that their power gives them the right to act superior and treat others as if they are inferior.

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