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Traditional Clothing of the Creek Indians

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"Traditional Clothing of the Creek Indians"
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The traditional clothing of the Creek Indians changed throughout the years. The influence of European settlers had a large impact on the Creek Indians late in their history.

The Creek men or warriors wore breech-cloths along with leather leggings in the warmer months. They traditionally did not wear shirts. They wore moccasins on their feet made from deerskin. Some men of the Creek tribes wore their hair in the Mohawk design with the sides of their heads clean shaved. They would often wear what is known as a porcupine roach. This was a traditional hair ornament made from either the guard hair of the porcupine (the quills were never used), the tail of the white tailed deer or in some cases the black turkey beards. They would usually be adorned with feathers and sometimes beads. The Creek Indians did not wear headdresses. They did sometimes wear turbans from deerskin or woven cloth, around their heads.

In other Creek tribes some of the men wore their hair in a long central lock heavily adorned with beads, feathers, strings and shells. In the winter months the men would wear mantles or shawls to stay warm.

The men of the Creek tribes, especially the warriors were highly decorated with tattoos telling of their accomplishments. They also painted their faces a very bright red during times of battle or for special dance ceremonies. The women did neither of these things.

Later on in their history the men would add brightly colored shirts to their wardrobe. This began when they started trading with the Europeans.

The women of the Creek Tribes wore wraparound skirts and mantles or shawls made from deerskin or woven fabrics. These fabrics were often made from tree bark, grasses and reeds. During the winter months both the men and women would use bearskins and buffalo hides to stay warm.

The women wore their hair long. It sometimes reached their calves. They would wrap it in a top knot and adorn it with silver hair jewelry and other ornaments.

The Europeans would also influence the clothing of the Creek women. They would begin wearing skirts and blouses made from brightly colored fabrics. They particularly liked the color red. They began to add ribbons to their skirts. Like the men they wore moccasins on their feet.

The Creek children did not wear any clothing until they reached puberty. They, like the adults would use bearskins and buffalo hides for warmth in the winter months.

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