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Theory the Existence of Real Vampires

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"Theory the Existence of Real Vampires"
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Vampires are real. But they are not what you expect, and most importantly, there are different types of vampires. Now, don't pull down your Ann Rice or Jim Butcher books and start annotationg them because that is fiction. Fiction means made up. That is a compbination of folk lore and creativity. That is not reality. The kind of vampires I'm talking about are so real that they are either virifiable medically, or so obvious that you can know their identity intuitively.

There are a variety of illnesses which can produce vampirism. Porp[hyria, Lupus erythematosus, and even Guillain-Barr syndrome can be mistaken for vampirism. These are obviously not the celluloid version of vampirism, and have little or nothing to do with blood-sucking fiends, except for those extremely rare and perhaps mythical homicidal variants. But the symptoms of anemia and jaundice, photosensitivity, and pathological mental illness are hard to dismiss.

Then there are the gothic vampires. These are people who choose a lifestyle based on the works of Stoker and Rice, and the films of Lugosi. They tend to be more theatrical and brooding, than actually dangerous. There are live-action role playing games based on Vampire: The Masquerade. All this comes from a deep-seated need to play dress up and be extremely Romantic, until you get in touch with your inner-Keats and you can channel Coleridge.

Finally, there are a group of people known as psychic vampires. In their least offensive form they are those wonderful people who can suck the life and joy out of anything. They are usually passive-aggressive and unaware of their own toxic behavior. They are so self-focused that, not only does the world revolve around them, the world is subservient. Being near a psychic vampire results in the following symptoms: lethargic depression, morbid eating habits, gloom and despair become a part of your expectations, you find yourslef very busy but not accomplishing anything, you don't enjoy being with the person, but can't break away from them.

A psychic vampire is worse than anything Hollywood can come up with because s Hollywood vampire feeds on a victim in order to grow strong. The psychic vampire can feed on a victim for years without getting the slightest bit healthier or happier.

Now obviously this psychic vampire isn't really a vampire, anymore than the porphyriac, the poser, or Bela Lugosi. But they are easily recognizeable as a kind of monster. I'm betting you can think of someone who is a psychic vampire right now.

If only it were as easy as buying a crucifix to ward off the psychic vampire.

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