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The Impact of a Natural Disaster on Society

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"The Impact of a Natural Disaster on Society"
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Natural disasters occur when a force of nature rises up and causes widespread damage to an area, usually land. Natural disasters have been shaping and reshaping the landscape of the planet since before time began. Since early times humans have been keeping track of the devastation caused by catastrophic natural upheavals. There are detailed reports of the number of dead and of how many villages and acres of farm land lost. Along with the details of mass destruction are also records of humans rebuilding what was once lost. The people buried their dead and rebuilt their lives in the only area of the world they had ever called home.

At first glance anyone can see that natural disasters have a devastating impact on society. They bring fear and uncertainty. Natural disasters have the ability to tear a society apart but they very rarely destroy the human spirit and it's need to rebuild.  Natural disasters remind people who has true control over the environment. Although we can change the landscape on the surface by building cities or farms, under it all there is a force that we have no dominion over. This realization brings people together in a way no other type of disaster can. When an entire city or village is wiped clean off the face of the planet, humanity in the immediate area and around the globe comes together to save and protect those who survived. From half way across the world messages of friendship and hope to those in desperate need of aid helps people remember that we are all part of the same big family. Differences are put aside and arms are extended in brotherhood.  The immediate society impacted by the devastation begins to clean up and help each other find missing loved ones.

The society is dealt a serious blow and it must decide whether to rebuild or move on. Most people choose to stay and rebuild even when faced with future destruction. Humanity holds eternal optimism when it comes to facing an uncertain future. People help their neighbors rebuild their lives. Together complete strangers sort through the rubble and salvage what they can in order to rebuild their neighborhoods. Out of the devastation of a natural disaster the goodness of humanity can shine through. Society comes together and reaffirms that when all hope seems lost, people are still there for each other. Together society picks up the pieces of it's shattered existence and carries on.

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