The Controversy Surrounding Prostitution

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"The Controversy Surrounding Prostitution"
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Escorting is as much supply and demand as all industry is. There is a wide range of personal preferences to cater for and pander to, from a relaxing massage to fetish.
I Googled escorting and 2,030,000 page links come up. It's true. There is a demand for non-sexual escorting in mainstream commerce but mention "Escort" and unless you're talking cars, prostitute is the general association made by us. It's a bit of a dirty word like sex was when we were kids. Don't mention it.
Social clashes between regional, tribal, religious, and moral beliefs makes escorting a controversial subject - because sex itself is.
Sex is an aspect of our personalities. We have a whole set of likes and dislikes and attitudes toward the act with emotions attached, formed from an early age. Our sex-lives, sex-drives and sexual desires are an integral part of our make-up.
There always has and always will be a demand for sex. Whether that be sex in marriage or something a little more risqu, society may not be admitting it, but they are indulging in sex.
Pubs and clubs make a fortune off the back of sex with the number of people out "on the pull" on weekends. Over the decades social attitudes have changed. Getting drunk and waking up with someone you met down the pub is almost as acceptable as going out for a meal with friends.
But forget the drink and pay the girl for sober sex instead and it's a whole other game you're playing.
The Punter/Working Girl relationship is the most honest relationship I know. It is clear cut, no bull-shit, a commercial transaction for sex. No lies, only alibis needed.

I'm home in bed, writing, drinking Bailey's coffee, with the TV on for back-ground noise. I'm alone and Loose Women is on. They're talking prostitution. Interesting. I'd just like to add to a few points they made.

Men are more highly sexed than women
I guess this may be true. Though I also suspect it has more to do with how horny young boys are viewed compared to horny girls by society, more than how testosterone affects us.
It's that old chestnut of men who sleep around are seen as studs, girls who do it are little sluts. Boys wank, girls don't admit to doing it.
Add to that the male dominance factor created by religion, rituals and writs and it's not surprising the girlies conform or keep quiet about what they do and don't like.

Women aren't as highly sex as men
As stated above I don't believe that to be true. But I'll agree there are women - and men who aren't highly sexed.
A good sex life counts for 1 % of a good relationship, but a bad sex life equates to 99% of it. I've yet to hear of a couple splitting up because they had a fabulous sex life.
When it comes to choosing a life-partner it's important for an even balance, all round.

Sex becomes a chore
As one of the ladies mentioned on the show, sex can feel like a chore sometimes. Yes, it's true, we've all had our moments of writing out those things-to-do-lists in our head when the sex has lost its fizz and become routine.
Do something about it, don't become complacent. Spice it up if you've noticed. If you haven't you know what's going to happen, no matter how much you tell yourself he wont, the probability is he will go somewhere else. Whether you find out is another thing.

We are all prostitutes in marriage
We are. It's a trade off. Sex in marriage can become a bargaining tool too. I remember those days when oral on me was with-held to be bestowed as a special gift on Mother's day and Christmas. Sex can slip into a "you do this and I give you sex" relationship. Don't let it if you're staking your all on his faithfulness.

In marriage sex is a job description
If that's how you feel then make sure you do a damn good job at it. Remember there are girls out there like me who ARE good at and it IS OUR JOB.
Sex is warm and loving as much as it is recreational and wild, depending what you like. For the most part most of us enjoy loving and recreational at various times and stages of our lives. Experiment, play around, fantasise, and bring the joy of sex into your life with those feel good endorphins. Enjoy it for God sake.

If you are not having sex with your partner the likely-hood is he is getting it somewhere else
He most probably is. I wish more women would accept this is a very likely outcome if they neglect their man, instead of living in denial and surrounding themselves in a bubble regarding his faithfulness. They're the one's who don't know their husbands are visiting professional girls, or getting it somewhere else. We've all had a friend who "must have known", no?

Would you rather your partner cheat or see a prostitute
I was pleased to hear that the majority of the girls on the show agreed they'd rather their partner be with a girl like me than him have an affair. An affair involves emotions while a whore is a cash transaction for quick relief. This is true, but the girls went on to delude themselves with this...

Prostitutes detach themselves to do their job
No, no, no, no, no. For the most part they don't. We entertain and connect with our clients to ensure they have a good time with us. Sometimes we even want them to come back. We give them our most. We with-hold our love. Sex with a prostitute IS THE BEST SEX. Make sure you're giving your man the best of yours.

Men who go with prostitutes would go with anybody
An easy remark to brush off the truth or to excuse yourself for not satisfying your man as you should. Men who go with prostitutes will chose a girl they are physically attracted to. It's got as much to do with biology as it does with an emotional or physical need.

Here's something to ponder

Why are there only a limited number of male escorts or even porn stars?

Performance is the answer.
It's a matter of most men can't get a hard-on on demand. It is not true that men who go with prostitutes will go with just anyone. Though as in all areas of life, there are some .

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