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Superstitions regarding Gems and Precious Metals

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"Superstitions regarding Gems and Precious Metals"
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The infamous "Hope Diamond" is an example for the gem interwoven with the tale of curse and misfortune for the different owners. Many of the tale surrounding the intriguing blue diamond is also based on the superstition about the diamond. Exploring gems and precious metals in the context of superstitions can be a memorable journey. From the dawn of civilization, gems have been claimed to have the metaphysical powers. Many ancient cultures like Egyptian., Indian, Greek and Mayan have used the sparkling gems and metals for religious, sacramental and healing purposes.

According to some ancient Indian superstitions, gems seem to have a special power, transcendental which go beyond the mirror color. Each gem is linked with a planet. Sun is linked with Ruby. Moon is linked with Pearls. Venus is tied with Diamonds. Mars has its ties with red Coral. Emerald is linked with Mercury. Jupiter is linked with yellow Sapphire. Saturn is linked with blue Sapphire. Gems with good quality are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer. Some believe that cosmic color spectrum which are being emitted by each planet corresponds to the color spectrum which is displayed by these gems. Scientific correlation between planet and gem's color spectrum may be true. Some people will call it a superstition.

According to Aristotle's book on Gems, Emerald is supposed to protect the wearer against the peril of falling sickness.

Agate is claimed to have the power of preventing storms, and stemming the blood flow. It is supposed to be an antidote for poison. The Cat's-eye is claimed to warn the wearer of storm, dangers and can be used as a charm against witchcraft.

Amethyst is considered as a symbol for majesty and love.

Coral is claimed to prevent caterpillars, storms and locusts. It was a charm against lightning, whirlwind and fire.

Diamond was considered a talisman against perils. Diamond is supposed to bring clarity,light and power to the wearer.

Emerald is claimed to give immortality. It is supposed to subdue the enemy.

Pearl is claimed to assure entrance to gate of heaven. No one knows the truth. Sapphire is supposed to prevent fire and hopelessness.

Opal is claimed to bring good luck .

Gold is used as powder for healing purposes.

Superstition was prevalent among various classes of people like kings also. Kings used to carry jewels during wars as a protection against imminent danger. Charles the Bold is supposed to have lost the gems during the war which might have included the Florentine Diamond during the battle-field of Nancy.

It is an intriguing journey down the path of superstitions about gems and precious metals. History and superstitions are being interwoven with gems and precious metals in many cultures. Will it continue? The answer may lie in the centuries yet to come.

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