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Sharia Law Effects on and in America

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"Sharia Law Effects on and in America"
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The dangerous plan to bring Sharia Law to America by various Radical Islamic Groups residing in America under the guise and use of democracy laws is slowly becoming a reality.

The assault on the American democratic way of life is being carried out right now on America's door step.

Recently, Somali taxi cab drivers of Islamic faith adhering to Sharia Law in Minneapolis-ST Paul refused to transport passengers from the airport because the passengers were carrying unopened bottles of liquor. This religious act of refusal is the first public shot across the bow in America as the global plan to compel America and the rest of the world to submit to Islam enters a new phase.

Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-Banna's, century old vision of compelling the world to submit to Islam is alive and well with some Islamic groups living in America actively committed to seeing the United States dominated by Islamic Supremacy.

Are all Muslim groups in America seeking Islamic dominance?

No, millions of Muslims in America respect the right of the citizens of a democracy to seek a religion of their choice. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims from other countries have immigrated to America to escape the harsh Sharia laws controlling the countries they left behind. They welcomed the right and freedom in America to practice their religion without the fear of the select ones in power using Sharia to get rid of real or perceived political enemies. The Muslim immigrants were tired and fearful of how the true religion of Islam was hijacked by select groups of men claiming to have the power to use Sharia to control and invade their private and public lives.

Only the Radical Islam elements currently living in America, but controlled financially by powerful and wealthy Muslims living in undemocratic foreign countries, are hell bent on forcing Sharia on Muslims and Non-Muslims alike in America. Plans are underway for some Islamic groups here in America to go to court to force the American Judicial System to allow them to set up their own court and arbitration system based on Sharia Law to settle family disputes such as divorce and custody issues.

The attempt to set up an Islamic arbitration system in Canada was met with resistance and defeated based on the democratic principle that there should be one law for all citizens.

Minneapolis-St Paul government officials' plan to placate the Radical Islam elements trying to force their religious views on all citizens in the public arena of transportation was abandoned. The plan to put lights on top of the cabs to identify Muslim cab drivers was seen as divisive and the start of two governments in control of America. The Muslim cab drivers should voluntarily turn in their cab license authority if their religion forbids them to transport passengers who have a bottle of unopened liquor in their possession. Who will they refuse to pick up next? Will it be someone leaving a bar, someone leaving a church of a different religion or someone of a different ethnic group?

Advocates and followers of Sharia have to understand their views on religion can not be forced on citizens of a democracy in public arenas such as public transportation or even in grocery stores. Store clerks that can't touch pork due to religious reasons may need to work in some other profession in America. The same goes for the cab drivers.

Some Examples of Sharia Law
A man can have four wives who are treated equally
Men can divorce their wives simply by saying "He is divorcing her". He is allowed
to divorce her three times.
The husband becomes the guardian of his wife. He is allowed to use his hands to
punish his wife for disobedience.
Death is the punishment for adultery and homosexuality
A flogging of 100 lashes is given to an unmarried man and woman caught
fornicating. Public intoxication brings the same punishment.
Amputation of hands and feet are the punishment for thievery.

I did find it interesting that Quran 4:24 permits unmarried sex with slaves and captives of war but the captive woman must consent to marriage if the follower of Islam wants to marry her.

Sharia can not co-exist with a democratic state because its legal systems are grounded in a religion with no room or tolerance for non-believers. In other Muslim countries, non-believers are automatically considered second class citizens with few rights.

It is important to remember Islamic Law is designed only for the believers of Islam but American Law is designed to represent all citizens of all religions even believers of Islam.

What should concerned Americans do about the Silent Invasion of Sharia Law and the effort to create two competing governments in America?
Americans of all races and all religions including Islamic moderates should speak
out against any religious radicals trying to subjugate another American citizen to
their religious beliefs.
Americans should immediately protest all efforts by any religion trying to create
their own government within the American government that takes away "One Law for
Every Citizen".
Americans should be raising hell with their congressmen, senators, and president
about the lack of effort to reduce our dependency on foreign oil in the last
twenty five years which has made us a slave to the petrodollar.
Americans should also be raising hell with their congressmen, senators, and
especially Whitehouse officials about turning a blind eye to the Radical Islamic
groups in America who are intelligently using the American democracy and laws to
attack and destroy America from within.

It is your decision, America. Wake Up or Walk From The Airport.

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