Racism in Cherokee Native American Culture

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"Racism in Cherokee Native American Culture"
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I do not believe that there is any racism in the Cherokee native American culture. What I do believe is that, there are a lot of people who have claimed that they were of Cherokee decent, but have not an ounce of Cherokee blood running through their veins. This would be like a Caucasian, saying they were Japanese, or an African American, saying that they were Caucasian.The native Americans,really just want to make sure that what they have left, of their heritage, and culture stays true. Every culture has its own heritage, and wants to make sure the facts of the old ways stay straight for all of those generations to come.

I don't just speak from opinion. I am a descendant of the Shawnee Native Americans. My great great grandmother, on my fathers side was Shawnee.I have been to a lot of tribal pow-wows, and witnessed people claiming to be native American, but did not know a thing about the culture, nor could they say which part of their family history the bloodline fell into.

Most Native American Nations will allow any individual, to participate, and take part in the learning of their cultures. Although there are some ceremonies, and dances that they only allow true Native American Descendants to participate in. Native Americans are a proud people,whom in the past generations had everything taken from them,except their willpower to go on, and stand strong. There are many things they hold sacred.I do not believe that gives people the right to call them racist.

If the people that are making these accusations, would take the time to learn some facts about The Native Americans, before rudely throwing comments,and allegations they might see that they have been wrong.The Native American people, are great people. They are very proud people. They understand the simple things that life has to offer. It is bad enough, that they had to be forced to live under the white mans ways. Made to dress, and speak, as the white man does.

How would you feel if you were made to live as another culture does. Made to give up the ways you are used to. Forced to have beliefs, that were not your own.The world has taken enough away from them. Haven't they sacrificed enough?

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