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The Story and History of the Djinn

The myth or legend of the Djinn is a very fascinating tale into the world of demons and the supernatural. The Djinn is recorded in several time periods in history by the Arabic and Islamic races and these are a few of them.

The Djinn are ugly and evil demons with supernatural powers in which they use to spread their evil and their fear. They feature in Arabic and Islamic beliefs.

In Islam the legend tells how the Djinn turn people crazy and for its ability to shape shift and to make its self invisable. The Djinn are said to roam isolated and dessert areas looking out for some to torment and drive crazy. It is also believed that the Djinn possess a supernatural power that allows them to travel between the realms of our human world and the realm of which the angels reside. In Islam it is believed that those who refuse to believe in Islam would later in life become a demon or a Djinn, however those who did believe in Islam became good and beautiful spirits.

For hundred of years no one knew where the Djinn came from or how they came to be on earth, but later stories tell of how they are born or enter our world from a smokeless fire. When the Djinn are not walking the deserts looking for sinful men that they can prey on, they are thought to live in mythical mountains that are believed to encircle the earth. In Islam this mythical range is known as the Kaf and here they stay along with other mystical supernatural demons and beings.

An old historical tale about the Djinn is of how King Solomon had managed to tame several Djinn with a magical ring that only he possessed. The tamed Djinn travelled with King Solomon and even carried out instructed tasks on his command. It is rumoured that one of these tasks set by the King was for hie tamed Djinn to build a temple at Jerusalem which also included palaces with beautiful lavish garden paradises.

The Djinn are also thought to be able to turn sinful men and women into Djinn's when they die, they are then known as lesser Djinns. The name Djinn stands for furious or possessed one.

Another legend regarding the Djinn's is that Iblis, the name for the devil in Islam fell out with Allah and ordered the Djinn's to make war against Allah and all who followed and worshipped him. It is still disputed to this day if Iblis was a angel (fallen angel) or a Djinn, as he was born into the world from a smokeless fire like all true Djinns are.

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