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Magical uses of Frankincense

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"Magical uses of Frankincense"
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Magical uses of frankincense

Frankincense is one of the world’s oldest known scents, but it has so much more to offer.  Sacks of frankincense have been seen on Egyptian murals and written descriptions of the substance have been found in Greek, Arab and Hebrew scrolls and texts.  It famously appears in the Bible as one of the three gifts of the magi along with gold and myrrh showing just how important it was to the world.

Today frankincense seems to be the domain of perfumers and churches in many people’s minds.  However in the occult world it also has a strong tradition of being used in ceremonial magician’s lodges and ceremonies.  Meanwhile the pagan community is finding out that it has strong healing properties and magical uses for their ceremonies.  

For ceremonial magicians frankincense is almost exclusively used as incense. It is used mostly for its powers of protection but it also has good results when used in incenses for exorcisms.  It is linked to the element of fire and the sun so frankincense is considered a solar plant meaning that it embodies some of the power and attributes of the sun.  So any magical ritual calling upon the power of the sun could use frankincense as an incense to help concentrate the magicians mind.  Outside of incense use it is also used as an offering, often being burnt to offer greetings to the sun. 

For witches and other pagans the scent is often used as part of the circle casting ceremony.  Like ceremonial magicians pagans use it for its powers of protection but they also see it as having powers of purity as well.  It is often added to oils or scents that are used during ceremonies to purify and consecrate magical tools like the witches athame due to its holy connotations.

For healers frankincense has many uses.  From the ancient healing texts of India to modern day science, frankincense appears to have strong healing properties.  For example according to Indian ayurvedic medicine you can use it to help with arthritis and the female hormone system.  Science meanwhile has been doing some tests and it appears that it may help alleviate depression and anxiety. It has also been shown to drive away mosquitoes perhaps making it very useful in countries hit by malaria. 

In today’s world it is perhaps easiest to use frankincense as incense in brought joss stick form.  However you can also add it to herbal sachets or use as an oil for massage or general burning in a diffuser.  It is easier to get than ever in its many varied forms which considering its many uses can only be a good thing.

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