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Lazy People Traits Health Reasons Doctor Psychologist

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"Lazy People Traits Health Reasons Doctor Psychologist"
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Things that Define Lazy People

Why do you think some people are lazy? How do they get that way, or are they born lazy? I doubt it very much. I think some people get lazy because of something that happens in their lifetime to influence their lack of self-esteem. I think when people lose their self-esteem, they lose the will to do something important with their lives and they gradually get to the place they don't want to do anything worthwhile. So if you see someone who doesn't have a good opinion of himself, you can almost always determine he is lazy.

When you see someone walking around slowly, with his head down and shuffling his feet as he walks, you can safely say he must be a lazy person. If you find out someone doesn't take an interest in anything new, whether it be work or play, he is probably lazy.
Another sure sign of laziness is when a person doesn't want to get up in the morning to get his day started. It's hard for him to get motivated. That person is always late for breakfast, late for everything.

A lazy person is always the last one to volunteer to help with anything. He is always willing to let someone else do the work.
He never seem to accomplish a thing, because he won't try to do anything.

Lazy people won't participate in activities, no matter how interesting the project might be. They dress slovenly, don't comb their hair or care about their personal appearance.They don't seem to get interested in doing anything, especially if it has to do with work.

I believe possibly a reason for some people's laziness could be because their health has something to be desired. Maybe the reason is he has low self-worth. That can be corrected by praising him often for work well done. If he's lazy for health reasons, a good physical examination is in order. The right kind of medication could fix his problem. If someone in your family is lazy, make arrangements for a complete physical examination for him or get an appointment with a good psychologist who could solve the problem. Counseling could wake the person up and make him realize what he is missing in his life.

You can be sure a lazy person doesn't like himself that way, and would be thankful to find he can be a useful citizen and enjoy doing thing for others and raise his self-esteem to the point he will never be lazy again. I don't think there is any good reason for anyone being lazy when there are things to do to correct the problem.

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