How to Combat Racial Discrimination in the 21st Century

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"How to Combat Racial Discrimination in the 21st Century"
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The key to combat racial discrimination is education. If we teach our young children that color doesn't matter, racism will disappear. It will take time, probably decades, to cleanse the racism out of our society but as they say, it's better late than never.

Children hold the key to the future. If we can remove prejudice and racism from their lives, the future will be void of this disease.

The history of the United States shows that racism has been a problem since the early settlers came into the territory. They immediately declared the Indians were the outcasts and treated them as such. The "White Man" lied to them and stole their property. And after that was acoomplished, the white man decided that black people were inferior and treated them with disrespect.

This is the stuff that children learn in school, through teaching and history books. Is it any wonder that racism goes on and on? The history books need to be rewritten in a manner that teaches students that this attitude was wrong then and it is wrong now. Classes need to be taught that specifically address racism and the damage it does not only to people, but to society.

It's imperative to teach reverse racism too. Minorities must learn to be less defensive.

It's not going to be easy to fix a problem that is centuries old, it can't be done quickly. Attitudes take a long time to change. Racism has been a fierce disease in many families for multiple generations.

Everyone needs to take responsibility to extinguish racism. Once again the word UNITED must be emphasized when we speak of the UNITED states. We need to unite together and put a ban on racism. Make it totally unacceptable in any way, shape or form. There must be consewquences for violating the new rules of society.

Just as we have sex offenders lists, we must have racial offenders lists. Why not?

Why is it that people in chat rooms and online forums can all get along so well? Is it because the color of their skin, their nationality or their looks are not visible? In a communications arena, people only get to know each other by their written word, their opinions and thoughts. Many people who are racist, would probably be surprised to learn that the person they have been talking to for a year is of a different color or race. Cyber-friends can be very good friends. There has yet to be a BLACKS ONLY or ASIAN ONLY forum or chatroom.

That is because it really doesn't matter what color or race a person is, it's what they think and how they present themselves that count.

In the end, it is all about respect. Respecting not only people, but their heritage. Most important is about respecting yourself and being proud to say that you are not racist.

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