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How can too much TV Affect a Childs Social Skills

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"How can too much TV Affect a Childs Social Skills"
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Too much TV can affect a child’s social skills immensely in a negative way. Children who do not get out of the house for at least an hour or two a day will be more likely to become a depressed teenager. Children who watch violent TV and play violent video games are twenty-five percent more likely to act out violent behavior in real life. Children who do not develop good social skills in their younger life will have a harder time in the workforce when they are an adult.

Watching TV can lead to not spending hours with friends. This is because ether the child is isolating itself from social activity. This can lead to a child being depressed, angry and acting out. A child who is indoors all the time and watching TV will be less likely to burn off their energy. Many times, children who watch TV all day have weight issues. Then at school, they will be picked and they will not make any friends. Social skills are very hard to develop at an advanced age.

Watching violent programs can lead to violent tendencies. Studies show that violent children have become this way because of violent movies and TV shows. Students have gotten into fights and stabbed other children because they were acting out what they saw on TV. This can be very bad because some children do not understand that the things TV are not real.

Children can start schedule their social activities around certain programs. This can be problematic because if a child will not leave the house because of the TV, then they are not developing social skills. Social skills need to be developed outside on a playground not on a couch. Children that are more active are also more likely to do better in school because they are interacting with people more, which means they learn more.

Watching TV can become a habit that leads to addiction. It is terrible for a child to develop an addiction. Children who develop an addiction early in life are twice as likely to develop more serious addictions later on in life. This can set the child up for failure. Children with TV addiction issues are more likely to bite, yell, hit or scream until they are left alone to watch TV. Many times children will want to eat dinner in front of the TV or not eat at all because they might miss their shows.

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