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I have lived in South Florida for about five years now. Before I moved down here I was told that the population of Floridia was made up mostly of native New Yorkers. With that fact I figured I would have no problem adjusting to life down here. For the first two years I felt like an alien on a planet I did not want to be on. There are many things I was never told about this strange place.

First off the lack of culture here is astounding. Though there are many different cultures living down here, there is no sense of community or pride. This isn't really all that surprising when you consider the fact that much of Florida civilization is brand new. Most of Florida was nothing but wetlands a short time ago. Though there are a handful of historic buildings in South Florida, it is nothing compared to the history surrounding New Yorkers. This may not seem like a big deal to many people, but believe me it is true that you simply don't know what you've got till it's gone. You will find yourself craving history, art and culture when you are surrounded by nothing but imported palm trees and brand new strip malls.

Another thing you will have to get used to is the lack of decent food down here in the Sunshine State. Though South Beach is home to some of the best food in the world, most of us can't afford to eat like we're on vacation all the time. Italian delis and bakeries are non existent down here. You had better get used to the taste of food from chain restaurants if you want to live in sunny South Florida. I personally haven't had a decent meal out in five years because my only choices are Red Lobster, Applebees, and Chili's.

If you are planning on moving to Florida with children my only suggestion would be don't. Stay where you are this is no place for kids. I found that the average high school student is about three years behind in comparison to New York. Many of the schools down here are specialty schools. This means that when your child is young, far too young to know much about their academic strengths and weaknesses, you are asked to choose a subject for your child to specialize in. Once you choose the child is placed into a special school for the are you chose be it Science, English etc. Your child is then educated on that specialty while all other subjects are virtually ignored. The system is ridiculous and the children here are dangerously undereducated. i personally would not recommend Florida to any one I know. For some, the sun and the beaches are worth the negatives of this state. I do plan on moving from here within the next five years and though I will miss the beautiful winters and gorgeous sunsets, it simply isn't enough for me.

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