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The Raven Mocker should not be considered a creature of legend, but a creature , though not seen by most people, a creature of fact.

According to our legends, only the dying victim and a healer trained with the correct medicine can see such creatures . They are said to take the form of black animals, in particular, the form of black birds, to torment their victims until they die.

I have experienced one such event, myself. When I working in the local hospital, I had an elderly patient who would constantly swat at the air. When we asked her what she was swinging at, she would say the black birds were attacking her.

I knew the old stories and a possible way to help my elderly patient . I removed a quartz crystal from my medicine bag. It was a large crystal that I had washed in salt water and had buried in the earth for a certain number of days. I gave her the crystal and told her that as long as she held onto the crystal, the black birds would not bother her. From that moment on, she never saw the black birds again and never let the crystal leaver her side. I told her to keep the crystal with her and that it was a gift to protect her. Her family appreciated it, even though they did not understand the belief behind it.

Not only is a quartz crystal used for seeing the future, but can be used to see a witch (Tsikili) in it's true human form. Something that a witch would fear for it would have to die within seven days of being seen in it's true form. The Raven Mocker is also a witch, but one of the worst kinds,as it take the heart for other organs of it's victims, without leaving a mark on the body and eats them to add it's victim's years of life to its own.

When she died, I understand that the crystal was buried with her still holding it. One should not believe the Raven Mocker and other witches to be nothing more than just superstition, but creatures of fact. We live on this tiny ball called Earth and still do not know all the life forms that exist along with us humans. To quote a line from Hamlet " There is more in heaven and on earth, then can be found in your philosophy, Horatio."

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