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Bigfoot Lives where has Bigfoot been Sighted

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"Bigfoot Lives where has Bigfoot been Sighted"
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For many, Bigfoot is an abstract concept not based in any kind of reality. For many others Bigfoot is as real as a heart attack. Those folks who are not overly familiar with Bigfoot are aware that the creature has been seen and perhaps filmed in the pacific north-west. Stories have emanated from that area for decades; longer if you believe the native legends. People might be surprised at some of the other places has been sighted.

One of the more surprising places Bigfoot has been sighted is Texas. The state that brought you George Bush and the Alamo now has an added attraction for vacationers. Bigfoot has been spotted all over the state but more often it is seen in the eastern counties. In Texas there are traditions of native legends concerning a Bigfoot-like creature, much like in the pacific north-west.

As with the pacific north-west, there are said to be photos of the elusive beast. As one can imagine, the credibility of some of the pictures is suspect but they exist nonetheless. Research continues in Texas to determine the true nature of the Texas Bigfoot.

The south is another Bigfoot habitat. Florida has a long history with something called the Skunk Ape. There have been some intriguing photos taken as late as 2000 of this skunk ape but as always there are questions. These photos called the "Myakka Photos" were apparently take by an elderly couple who had been having late night visits from a creature and on one occasion the wife took a couple of photos. Most Skunk Ape sightings are often found in the Everglades where it would be difficult to chase an animal after you saw it.

There have been other photos of the Skunk Ape but if you were to look for just one set look for the Myakka photos they are some of the best and may explain just what the Skunk Ape is. I have my own ideas but do a search, they are easy to find, and see what you think.

Have you ever taken a trip to Ohio? Perhaps you've seen the Blue Jackets play or the Reds toss a baseball around. Well, it seems Bigfoot has too. Ohio has a very large number of reports every year of sightings. Again, sightings of Bigfoot are nothing new and go back decades.

The big secret about Bigfoot sightings is that they have been seen in every state except Hawaii. The numbers of reports vary from a few to several hundred but the reports are there. So are photographs. Along with the photos is the one video, footprints and hand prints. Some people may be surprised to learn that there have been sounds recorded and attributed to the big harry monster. I have heard some of these vocalizations and am at a loss and have never heard anything like them.

So regardless of where you live in the continental U.S. you too can have a Bigfoot sighting, unless you'd really rather not.

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