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There are several ways in which immigration benefits America. Below are just a few of them:-

1. One of the benefits of immigration in the US is that employers are able to make more profits. Because immigrants accept lower wages, employers make more profits when they hire immigrants than when they hire native born people. US consumers also benefit in the long run because the goods which cost less to produce when immigrants are used are then sold for less to them.

2. Americans benefit from immigration in that all aspects of American life are enriched by immigrants. Because of immigration, new restaurants mushroom serving new types of foods that Americans previously did not know. Americans are also introduced to new cultures, new types of dress and new languages.

3. Through allowing people to immigrate into the US, American people are able to help people from around the world without spending their money. Many immigrants come to the US to escape miserable social, economic and political problems in their home countries. If the people were to help these people by sending aid to those countries, that would cost the country a lot of money. However, by allowing the immigrants entry into the US, the US is able to help these people without actually spending any money. When the immigrants working, they are able to maintain themselves and their families in their home countries. Immigration therefore does not only help our country, it also helps the immigrants and many people in their home countries.

4. Before the 1960s, the immigration policy of the US favored immigration from Western Europe and Canada, and as a result immigrants prior 1960 were mainly from European countries. However, in the 1960s immigration laws were changed as a result of the civil rights movement. Since then, there has been a decline of immigrants from Europe and a rise of immigrants from Asia and Latin America. "These relatively recent changes in the national origin of immigrants have begun to convert the United States into a largely bi-racial society..." This benefits America in that it blurs racial divisions and reduces racial tensions.

5. Immigrants "increase the community's tax base because they purchase goods and services from the local community"." By increasing consumer demand, immigrants generate economic growth which benefits the middle-class. Immigration is also a major contributor to the expansion of Hispanic and Asian-American consumer markets, which in 2004 was estimated to make up 12% of the national purchasing power."

6. Immigration solves the labor needs of American companies inside the US. "Many packing houses, farmers, and companies that require employees to engage in physical labor depend on immigrant workers since there are simply not enough United States citizens who are willing and able to take those jobs. Additionally, highly skilled immigrants are a major reason for United States dominance in the fields of science and engineering.


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