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Behind the name Tyler

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ETYMOLOGY: Pronounced (TIE-ler) Tyler is considered an "occupational name" it denotes the occupation of the first person to have it. Tyler comes from the same occupational root as Tillman. It means "one who works with tiles". It is considered acceptable for males or females, though is most common with the former.

ORIGIN & HISTORY: Tyler is a very old name. As a surname it was first established around the thirteenth century in England. The first man called Tyler was a tile layer. He cut and placed tiles for floors, roofs, and pavement, it is also likely that he made bricks. He would have passed this name on to his children who likely followed in his footsteps and took over his duties with tiles. The name is old English and is still most popular in English speaking countries. Early records of the name have ties to Glamorgan, England. After giving assistance in the Norman conquest the Tyler family was gifted a great deal of land in that area. The first Tylers to settle in America did so in 1623, their first names were John and Elizabeth.

POPULARITY: In the 1960's Tyler began to gain popularity. Its popularity steadily increased up until 1990 at which time it dropped slightly, but not continuously. Today it is popular for boys as well as girls.

There are several versions of the Tyler coat of arms, but they all have certain things in common. It is a black shield with two or three lions, divided by a horizontal band of yellow. This band is decorated with crescents and a cross.
"Tyler's Restaurant and Taproom" is a restaurant located in North Carolina
Tyler Durden is a character in the book and movie "Fight Club", book by Chuck Palahniuk.

NAMESAKES: Tyler is the name of a city in Texas, there is a university there.

FAMOUS PERSONS: John Tyler, Jr. (March 29, 1790 January 18, 1862) was the 10th president of the United States of America

Stephen Tyler (born March 26, 1948 in Yonkers, New York) is an American rock-star and lead siger for the group Aerosmith. His daughter Liv has the same last name but is famous in her own right as an actress, most notably in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Tyler Barbour Butterfield (born February 12, 1983 in Pembroke Parish, Bermuda) is a cyclist and tri-athlete.

Tyler Hamilton (born March 1, 1971, Marblehead, Massachusetts) is an American cyclist and gold medalist.

NAME VARIANTS: Tilar, Ty, Tylar and Tylor.

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