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Behind the name Emma

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What is in a name? The name Emma means several things. The English and German meanings are whole, complete or universal. The Latin version means universal, and the Hebrew meaning is healer. It can also mean strong, entire, or in some areas it can mean nanny.

The history of the name is that it was born by the mother of Edward the Confessor- Emma of Normandy c.985 and by an 11th-century German Saint- this would be either Emma of Lesum or Emma of Stiepel c.975-980. It is also the main character in Jane Austen's novel "Emma", the matchmaker Emma Woodhouse which was published in (1815) .

The name Emma has gained popularity rapidly over the last few years. Currently, according to the Social Security Administration, the name Emma is number two in the nation for girls, only to be topped by the name Emily. The name Emma has secured this spot since 2003. We first started to see it's rise in popularity in 1993. According to the Social Security Administration, in 1908, the name Emma was number 30 on the popularity list. By 1942, Emma was down to 108, and steadily lost popularity over the next 40 years, reaching it's lowest on the list at 411 in 1982. But in 1983, the name started to climb the list again, and that brings us back to present day nearly 40 years later to where the name earned itself the lucky number two slot.

Some interesting facts about the name? There are some towns in the United States named Emma. There is Emma, Illinois and Emma, Missouri. There are also some states that have towns with Emma in their name. Emmalena, KY, and Emmaus, PA. Not broad enough? More globally speaking, you could visit Emmaberg in the Netherlands, or Emmaboda, Sweden. Here is another bit of trivia for the name. If you were playing scrabble, the name Emma would earn you 8 points. There are actually some songs about the name Emma. "Big Leg Emma" by Frank Zappa, "Emma's Song" by Sinead O'Connor, and "Song for Emma" by Joe Walsh to name a few.

There are also many famous people with the name Emma. Actresses Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Emma Samms, and Emma Lazurus who is a poet. Some famous children named Emma are, the daughter of Julie Andrews is named Emma, Christine Lahtie named her daughter Emma, as did Cynthia Waltros from LOST. Others who bestowed this name upon their children include, Kristi Yamaguchi, Martina McBride and Wayne Gretzky. Variants of this name are Amy, Aimee, Ami, Esme, also Ima.

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