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Assessing the Social Position of African Americans in Todays United States

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"Assessing the Social Position of African Americans in Todays United States"
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The social standing of the average African-American in today's United States is determined by his personality, determination, friends, and social consciousness, and not simply because of his ancestor's country of origin. Assigning a class standing to every African American based on the achievements and prominence of a few, or many, African Americans is not a logical or healthy practice, for if a race can equally divide the achievements of the few among the many, and then be given a high class or national standing because of it, then they can also be given a dark and negative standing based upon the activities of a few, and be considered The Devil's Children themselves, but this cannot be. One cannot logically assign a class standing to every African American because of the achievements and prominence of a few, or many. Every one is an individual and is responsible for his or her own actions.

Just as we cannot say that the actions of Tom Cruise, Robert Redford, Katie Couric, and The Crocodile Hunter raise the white race to elevated levels, so we cannot declare that the statements and actions of Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Don Cheadle and Bill Cosby automatically assign the African American to a certain elevated level, for the actions of anyone, Black, White, or Brown, either elevate our hopes and consciousness, or take us to lower levels.

It is mankind that we should be most concerned about and that should be Our Cause.

If a social standing is assigned to a race, then who gives these assignments? Our culture's transmission of ideas is often carried out by the media, including newspapers, television, books, magazines, and the Internet - and from these, I would say, come the assignment of guilt, innocence, complicity, and social standing. Our thoughts and attitudes can be determined by the writers and journalists of America and the world, for their employment is to give substance to our imaginations and actions, whether it be for a political or monetary reason.

It is true that every African American is Black, but so is every Caucasian White, and many have many different color shades, but what does that matter?

Mankind, truth, and compassion should be our causes, and not strife that originates from false classifications and judgments. If we believe, as one man wrote, "The African American middle class has consistently embodied the social grace and intellect, which in many cases, significantly contributed to their economic growth and standing", we may have come to our decision and judgment based upon the salutary and commendable actions of those we have met and some we have seen, but how can we attach the social graces and intellect of a few African Americans to all of the "Middle Class", for the "Middle Class" and its members is in our imaginations anyway.

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