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"1970s Slang Words Slang Terms 70s Slang Peace far out Wipe out Shag Disco Pad Pardy Hardy"
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Mellow out dude, disco sucks, disco queen, and streaking were all slang words, and phrases used in the 1970’s. Nixon was President, Saturday Night Live was more of a cult show.70’s slang words showcased the times, ending the love- ins of the 60’s, and made their way into the new wave of the 80’s.  Get down on it, baby:

Bogus -Not fair.

Buff-Muscular and toned

Bummer-Bad news, depressed.

Burn out-This was used regarding a person who used too many drugs and “burned out”, or a person who was exhausted, and needed a vacation.

Chill-To chill out, take it easy, and hang loose.

Chillin’-70‘s slang word for taking it easy.

Cool-Awesome, Groovy, excellent.

Cut the cheese-farted.

Disco-The way people danced in the 70’s

Disco Sucks-Slang 1970’s term rock and roll people used in high school to slam the disco lovers.

Dork-The opposite of a cool, with it person.

Drag-Something that was dull, boring, uneventful.

Dude-Cool or awesome guy.

Flower Power-this was a major hippie thing, coming out of the Vietnam War era. It meant give out flowers, sing songs, and be nice, instead of killing people.

Foxy-good looking

Foxy Lady-Hot looking woman, with major curves.

Funky-Cool, Funky was used to describe music, in the 1970’s

Good or Bad Vibes-just as it says.

Gnarly-1970’s slang for surfer dudes describing the waves that meant cool.

Groovy-Cool, neat, awesome.

Hang-Share space, hang out.

Hang Ten-Surfer’s slang term for hanging onto surfboard with your toes.

Hang loose-Waiting for someone or something to happen in a relaxed manner.

Heads-Drug users.

Hip-1970’s slang word for cool.

In the Groove-Slang term for dancing, and doing it with style.

Hustle-A type of dance.

Hustled-You were robbed out of your money by a crafty person

Get Down-Having sex, or dancing this is what K.C. and the Sunshine Band were singing about!

Man-Meant the establishment, that was anything bigger than one person, like government.

Man-Man could also be used at the end of a sentence to make a point.

Mellow-Relaxed usually because of sex, and or drugs.

Mellow out-Get relaxed.

My Old Man-referring to your boyfriend, husband. Guy you were living with in the 1970’s.

Neat-Does not refer to a type of Scotch, nope it means a lesser version of cool.

Neat-o-Nerdy people said this, meaning cool.

Nerds-Not cool people. Nerds are today’s geeks.

Nifty-Neat, cool.

Pad-Place to live, usually meaning an apartment.

Pardy Hardy-Have a great time, and drink a lot, dance or do drugs, or all three.

Peace-Still used for half of the 70’s anyways, but then lost it’s meaning later on. Still used today, and was used throughout 80’s and 90’s by rock stars.

Peace out-Time to leave, still used today.

Peel out-Leave in a hurry in a car.

Pig-The police,

Right on!-1970’s slang for Cool! I’m with you on that.

Shag-To have sex.

Shagadelic-Good in bed

Shaggin Wagon-A van that was customized to have a bed in back.

Slammin’-Cool, awesome

Streak-Run around in public naked.

Sucka-Person who was hustled.

Ten-Four-Trucker slang for talking on C. B. radio that meant, “I got your message.”

Tight-Cool, Awesome.


Toke-Take a hit off a joint.

Tough-Really cool person, or item.


Wicked-Surfer’s term for high waves.

Wipe out-Surfer’s term for losing a wave.

Wired- A person that was high.

What’s Hanging-How’s it going?”

Jive Turkey, Zen and other 1970’s slang words were popular in the 70’s. Peace out, Baby!

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