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"1960s Slang Slang Words right on the Man Skank Bogart Cool 60s Slang far out Dude Shades"
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The 1960’s were a cool time to be alive. People were having sit-ins to protest war, and their rights as human beings. People were hanging at Woodstock, listening to music and dropping acid-just don’t take the brown acid. Life was good, music was abundant, and love-ins were the norm. So love the one you’re with, and hang on for the ride of your life, while reading about 1960’s slang:

 Ape-A person who goes nuts.

Bad-A person that was cool, and kind of intimidating at the same time.

Blast-Have a great time.

Beat feet- To leave in a hurry.

Bogart- To be selfish with something, usually when referring to doing  drugs with friends.

Book-Leave the area

Bookin’-Leave the area super fast.

Boss-A person who is really cool, or something that is great.

Bread-Not the floury conncoction you eat, but bread was slang for money in the 1960’s.

Brewski-slang for beer, as in
”Anyone else want a brewski while I’m at the bar?”

Bummed out-Meant depressed in the ‘60’s.

Burn Rubber-To have your car spew smoke, and get the vehicle moving fast.

Cat-Cat in the sixties did not mean the four- legged kind, it was slang for a guy.

Chick- was 60’s slang for a girl, or a woman.

Choice—Choice meant really cool.

Crash-Go to sleep, go to bed.

Crashpad-Your home where you sleep, or anywhere you would call home for a night to go to sleep.

Ditz- A person who was stupid, but in a funny way.

Dig-People would say this meaning , “Do you understand what I am saying?”

Dork-A very uncool person.

Dude-A guy

Dudette—A girl

Easy-a girl who was sexually easy.

Far out-In the 1960’s this meant really cool.

Flower child -was another name for a Hippie.

Freak out-to lose control, usually meant in a negative way. An example is:”My Dad just freaked out on me when I came home at four a.m.”

Flip flops- were the super cheap shoes of the 60’s, that today are called thongs.

Fuzz-the police, the cops.

Groovy-really cool, with it.

Outta sight-In 1960’s slang this meant really cool.

Old man-Your Dad, later this changed to the guy you were living with or married to.

Old Lady-Your Mom, later on in the sixties and in the seventies changed to the woman you were living with, or married to.

Stoned-High on drugs

Stoked-Really excited.

Squares-People who were not cool.

Stacked-A chick with large breasts.

Split-Leaving the scene, man, dig?

Skog-an ugly girl

Skank-an ugly girl who did not care how she looked. Skank also was a word used in the 1980’s.

Shotgun-the honorary seat in a car, where a person sat upfront near the door.


Spaz-to be called a spaz in the 60’s was a major insult, like you were retarded, and anything but cool.

 The Man-Anyone is a position of authority like government, boss at work.

Right on-“Right on , dude!” This meant you agreed, but in a cool way.

Righteous!-Meant great, or I agree.

Pig out!-1960’s slang for overeating, usually from getting the munchies.

 Far out Dude! This was a cool look at 1960’s slang. There is way more 1960’s slang, but  I’m saving more slang words for another time and place.

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